Balancing Cycling and Real Life

That's another issue I have to grapple with. My wife, Margaret, is so supportive. But she also wants to spend time with me in ways that aren't bike-related. Yeah, sounds crazy, huh? ;-)

Bike-commuting is such a great way to balance training and real life. I combine my commute and my workout. Margaret and I usually carpool from Santa Cruz to Los Gatos, and then I ride to HP in Palo Alto from there. For less than an added hour or so per day I get two hours of hard training in. And I save money on gas, wear and depreciation on my car and tires, stress (amazing how much better I feel when I ride to work), Al Gore doesn't despise me as much... etc.

Some of my teammates want me to compete in cyclocross during the winter. But that is not likely. Everybody needs an off-season, and it would just make the cycling/real-life balance even harder. Plus, I have bad feet, no funds for a cyclocross bike, and no cyclocross skills.

Come to think of it, another reason to dispense with those "junk miles" I mention in my earlier post is to improve the cycling/real-life balance.