Velodrome riding as criterium training

So, I raced the 1K TT and 4K TT at the velodrome. I did much better in the 1K, with a 1:17:48. Yes, more evidence that I'm a sprinter. :-)

Results here.

It was interesting talking with guys at the velodrome. They have some cool training ideas, mostly involving weight training (which I do for upper-body and core strength only) or plyometrics (jumping excercises, which I do for my legs). But I would only do weight training for my legs if I planned on doing standing-start races more. I can see where it might help there, but I don't think it applies to crits very much (a little, just not very much), and the odds of injury during training are too high for the benefits IMHO.

The 1K is AWESOME for crits, simulating the last lap rush, though its standing start is too specific to apply to crits. I'd say a flying-start 1K TT ("kilo") and the popular 200m flying-start track sprints would be the best workouts for crits. The standing start is nice training for jumps and attacks, but to be really good at it might require a lot of weight training. The track bikes have a single fixed gear, so the force required to accelerate quickly in such a tall gear is fairly high. But in a crit you have many gears, so why bother with leg weight training when you can just shift to a lower gear that doesn't demand that much force?

The 4K is awesome for faster TTs though! Since I should train my weaknesses, I should do these more. Mine was about 5:40:20. The track makes a consistent pace easier than in my hill repeats. But, again, I can do without the standing start.

I have some ideas of where to improve for next year. Watch out Nolan, Langley and Caldwell! ;-)