Back from Disneyland!

We celebrated my wife's birthday in fun style, in her favorite place on earth; Disneyland! Our friends Debbie and Diana even joined us!

The trip culminated in a wonderful dinner at Napa Rose, a very highly rated restaurant. I had pheasant and Margaret had awesome jumbo prawns and pasta. We opened two bottles of Mer Soleil chardonnay, usually one of our favorites, before we gave up (both were sub-par) and got a bottle of Shafer Red Shoulder. Diana brought a surprisingly good bottle of 1994 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir, Rocchioli vineyard. Surprising because even good red burgundies rarely age well that long, and California pinots especially so. We had a glass of 1999 Chateau d'Yquem sauterne with our desserts. 1999 isn't one of their best years, I think, but I was still blown away!

I'll post the cute photos in a few days.

I love Disneyland, and I love eating... I gained 9 pounds in four days! Maybe I have a problem, but if I enjoy it then it can't be a problem, right? ;-) Most of that is water retention (from excessively salty food, the airplane flight, etc.), and it will be mostly gone in a few days, but a bit under a pound of it is solid matter and will require some workouts and diet discipline to keep off! [I lost 5.5 pounds after the first day home!]

To get a head start on burning off my vacation fat, Steve Rosen and I did our first hill intervals on Page Mill Road today. It was beastly! It took me about 56:30 (or maybe 57:30 I got confused) to get from my office, to Old Page Mill Rd, to Skyline Blvd. Then another half hour to descend back to my office. Steve said my time-trial E.T. was about 46 minutes, with the slower down time included, but would likely have been around 42 minutes if I had done the whole climb all-out with no breaks, as defined by the competitive cyclists around here with whom this climb is a popular test. That's for comparison with other guys who keep track of these things. If we keep these on our agenda we will both be super fast by spring!