Old La Honda Road ITT

It's tradition on the peninsula for riders to climb up Old La Honda Road in Woodside and time themselves for comparison. Today I, and teammate Steve Rosen, did just that. So, for anybody who cares, my time was:


That just barely put me in the under-20-minutes club, and is considered a decent time. The fast guys are usually around 17-18 minutes, so I have a long ways to go. My friend Mark Edwards does that climb in 18:42. Steve told me Eric Heiden (the great Olympic skater and cyclist) has the unofficial record: under 15 minutes!!! Hoo-wha!

Steve and I plan on riding 2x20's twice a week this fall and winter as prep for our 2008 season. That's two 20-minute intervals per session, riding as fast as we can for the full 20 minutes, for a total of 80 minutes at 85-90% of max heart rate per week. Cruel and unusual punishment, though easier than my 6x4 workouts which I will do only during the regular season. On weekends we will try to get the second 2x20 in, or maybe join a fast group ride for variety.

Since OLH (for short) takes about 20 minutes that's a great place to do 2x20's, but we might use Page Mill Road instead, so we have less downtime (it takes 25 minutes to get to OLH from the group ride's start point on Old Page Mill Rd, but only maybe 10 if we just use Page Mill Road).

Feel free to join us!