My goals for the 2008 racing season

It's that time of year again; time to renew my USCF license and set goals for my racing season. I trained with a classic periodized program for 2007, which forces one to carefully pick 2 or 3 times a year to hit one's peak fitness, but for 2008 I'm not. So, unlike 2007, I won't set "A Priority" races, a la Joe Friel. Instead my goals are somewhat less specific. Still:

Training goals:
  • Raise my FTP power from 265W (estimated as I don't have a PM) by some ungodly huge amount. I weigh about 152 pounds, so that works out to be about 3.8W/kg. Let's make my goal 4W/kg, so my goal power is 276W estimated (I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but if I do that will be bonus).
  • Break the 19-minute barrier on Old La Honda Road. I wonder if 276W will do that...
Race goals:
  • Win my first Cat 3 criterium. No particular one.
  • OK, maybe I can set some more specific race goals: Win Coyote Creek Circuit Race and Watsonville Criterium. Ugh, that's a stretch goal!
  • Win my first Expert cross-country race. Could happen, given the right course.
  • Enter my first dirt short-track race, at Sea Otter Classic, and don't get pulled.
  • Finish top-10 in any road race (likely 45+ open Cat). Any race will do; this is also a stretch goal!
  • Provide invaluable service to my teammates in other races, helping them to win!
Honestly, that last goal may be the coolest; helping teammates can be a blast!

Well, I'm certainly looking forward to 2008; as long as the rest of my life cooperates. Real life has a way of intruding on this little fantasy world I like to visit.

Wish me luck!


Ken said…
Let me know if you add some track goals.

Will do Ken! I probably won't add a specific track goal, other than just finishing up my third and final beginner's session so I can actually enter races at the velodrome. Most of my goals won't help my track speed.
Ken said…
Cool, there are two winter track races coming up
My spare bike is probably too big (56cm) but you are welcome to use it.
Thanks dude! Will probably just rent one of their 52cm bikes though, as they fit me well. Nothing special, well, they rent out Specialized Langsters, but they work fine. I will try to get that last Saturday Beginners session out of the way soon. Been training with Team Bicycle Trip on Saturdays though.