Bike to Work Day!

Is this Thursday, May 15th. Well, the whole week is Bike to Work Week, but let's be reasonable here. ;-) Since I ride my bike to work almost every day anyway, the way I've been marking this special day is by riding from my home in Santa Cruz to my office in Palo Alto; about 45 miles one-way.

This ride, over the mountains to the valley, takes about 3 hours, so it's not practical most of the time (assuming I want to have a life outside of working and commuting!). The neat thing is that several bike-advocacy organizations sponsor Bike to Work Day (in Santa Cruz too), and also get volunteers to supply snacks for us and man the "Energizer Stations" (in Santa Clara County). In Santa Cruz County we get free breakfasts! My favorite meal!

One year, 2005 I think, it rained on me during my Bike to Work Day ride to Palo Alto, and I wasn't dressed for it... riding up Mountain Charlie Rd., Summit and Skyline Blvd. with the drizzle soaking me was a horrible preparation for the long, fast drop down Page Mill Rd. I was nearly hypothermic by the time I got to the hot showers at work!

This year my teammates Gary and Steve will join me for the ride, and the weather forecast looks perfect. It'll be a sort of riding tour of the free food stations. Ahhhh, my idea of heaven! I'm sure we'll throw in some intervals along the way, just to make sure we get our training in, but it will mostly just be a nice cruise on a gorgeous morning.

Anyway, this is a fun event, and I sure appreciate all of the sponsors and volunteers who give us lonely bike-commuters a rare feeling of being appreciated. Sniff. Thanks y'all!