On the injured list... not!

I've been pretty sore all over after my crash in the race on Memorial Day Monday. But while I did skip my Tuesday ride, I rode at a moderate pace with my teammates yesterday after work, and then again this morning to my office. While I'm not 100% I'm getting closer. I don't have a lot of road rash, but my middle back and shoulders took quite a blow, and deep breathing is painful.

However a few brief efforts this morning didn't cause me much discomfort, so I think I will not miss out on too much riding. I am even optimistic I will be able to race in Pleasanton this Saturday. OK, that's a stretch, but I will take a brief spin tomorrow evening, with a few short sprints, and see how I feel. They say it's bad to take ibuprofen before a hard workout or race, so I will have to feel well enough without ibuprofen before I decide to go for it.

The most painful part now is having to come up with more cash to replace my Giant TCR C2 bike's broken frame. It won't be cheap, even with the supportive people at Bicycle Trip and their Giant Bicycles Sales Representative's help. I haven't even finished paying for the broken bike. Sigh.


MikeG said…
Sorry to hear about your crash! Hopefully you've healed up by now and can jump back into the action soon.