Sick with the flu

Oh well, it happens.

Last Tuesday I drove to lunch with my coworkers to say "bon voyage" to one of them who is quitting to volunteer at an orphanage in Vietnam. One of my passengers started sneezing as we walked toward the restaurant. Then her daughter's school called and said she needed to bring her home because she wasn't feeling well. My coworker was out sick the next day, and on Thursday I started feeling a sore throat coming on. Ugh. My wife gave me a lift home, just in case, but by the next day I was down and out.

On Friday I stayed home from work, hoping the rest would be enough to allow me to race at Cat's Hill Classic Criterium the next day, in Los Gatos. That seemed to work, and on Saturday I felt good enough, well, my legs did, that I could face the suffering of this demanding race. I felt pretty good during the race, but it didn't go as planned. And afterwards my nose started running, and on Sunday I took my temperature: 99.2 degrees. Not too bad, but I stayed home Monday too.

On Tuesday I felt well enough to drive to work, but my wife didn't; she stayed home, poor thing, with... a sore throat. Sigh. I even did my usual 15-minute gym workout. After work I even felt up to making up some lost workout time by climbing up a 10-13% grade in Los Gatos, and made good time!

Today I'm feeling ready to get back to my standard program, and will be getting for my next race, Panoche Valley Road Race, just south of Hollister. My race weight is right where it needs to be (149.5 this morning), and so is my fitness (I think, flu notwithstanding), so I should do OK. The climbs are a bit too long to be ideal for me, and this year I've hamstringed my chances by entering the vicious open-category 45+ race, but I will have a lot of fun racing with my Team Bicycle Trip teammates.

Ciao for now,