A crazy idea just occurred to me; how to get a cheap track bike!

Yes, I'm kind of slow: Here I am, considering racing on the track again, and wondering how I can get a cheap, but nice, bike for it. I forgot that I can do whatever I want with the broken Giant TCR frame that Calfee is fixing for me. When I get it back all I will need is a rear wheel with sprocket, a track crank and chain, and a few odds and ends to turn it into... a track bike!

It won't be ideal, in that the dropouts will be regular road style, and it will have mounting holes for water bottles, brakes and the front derailleur, but I'm not picky. I will start looking around for all the bits and pieces and see what it takes.


My friend Glenn, who volunteers at the velodrome, had this to say:
"My recommendation is to keep it as a road frame, especially if it has vertical
rear dropouts.

"From a track perspective: Most modern road frames with compact dropout design
don't allow enough rear wheel adjustment to assure correct chain tension. Even
if you are lucky to get your gear inches, big ring, cog, chain length, and chain
tension to work... you'd not be able to."
So, I will instead use my 105/Tiagra/Race Face gruppo to build another complete road bike. I guess you could call it a 2007/2008 Giant TCR C2/C3!

[I subsequently found a cool Web site, Fixed Innovations, that discusses how to use a road frame for track racing. Too late for me, but maybe some day.]



Mike said…
Excellant, a new rain bike/commuter!