Been busy!

I haven't posted anything in this blog for a month and a half... how unlike me! Well, I've just been too busy and not much of interest has happened either. Well, mostly:

I did enter two races; the San Ardo Road Race on August 23rd, and the Giro di San Francisco, on September 1st. I hit a pothole in the first, and got three, yes, 3, punctures! This happened about 10 minutes into the race, so I spent the next 2-1/2 hours just riding solo. At the Giro I flatted with 4 laps to go, just outside the 5-lap "free lap" rule, so, again, I just chased solo. Sigh.

Speaking of flat tires: This year I have flatted in four races. That's definitely a personal record! All of them involved Michelin Pro 3 Race tires... I have now retired them and will never buy these again. My favorite race tire is still the Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX tire. Very smooth ride, ultra-low rolling resistance, and I've only flatted them once.

The 2008 season is winding down for me, and I missed a few races I wanted to try, but I will be racing some of the Low-Key Hillclimbs again this fall. Should be fun, and good training. Team Bicycle Trip almost won the series last year!