My 2009 racing season so far

Like usual, my season is a mixed bag: A bit underwhelming at first glance, but still with some glimmers of promise.

Executive summary

I would have to say that I started off the season more relaxed than I should have. I really slacked off at Merco when I could easily have been further forward for the finish. That one really sticks in my craw! Menlo Park was similar, except that I really did try to move up but the huge pack bunched up and pushed me back... my fault, but more of a misjudgement than slacking off. I feel I rode well at Brisbane and Santa Cruz, but was just outraced.

The nitty-gritty

Here's my list of races in 2009, to date (with links to my race reports and the results):

  1. Early Bird Road Race (not listed in results for some reason; I should have been 19th though)
  2. Merco Credit Union Foothills Road Race (21st place)
  3. Tri-Flow Menlo Park Grand Prix, criterium (28th place)
  4. Ronde Van Brisbeen, criterium (8th place)
  5. Ronde Van Brisbeen, circuit race (11th place)
  6. Santa Cruz Classic Criterium (30th place)

I have been very happy with my fitness, thanks to Team Bicycle Trip Coach Mark's programs, but my form has been lacking as I pretty much always "train through" my races without "peaking" for them. I still haven't decided on any races to peak for, and have intentionally kept that to a minimum in the interest of concentrating on achieving my maximum fitness potential instead (every time we peak we actually lose some fitness). That was something I started in fall 2007, and so far I have managed to stick with my regular year-round regimen of non-stop intervals, skeptics notwithstanding!

All of that yields me a measly 3 points toward upgrading from Category 3 to Cat. 2. Not that Cat. 2 is my goal, really, but it's something to use as a measure of progress. I had about 26 points last year, plus a 1st place, but the points are starting to expire as they only count points earned in the last 12 months toward upgrades.

The future

This Saturday I am racing Cat's Hill Classic in Los Gatos, one of my favorites even though the course doesn't favor me at all. Plus I'm racing in the Cat. 3 race with all of the crazed young guns, so that won't be easy. At least it's a super-cool venue! After that it's on to Berkeley Hills Road Race and Pescadero Road Race (I'll be the team's water-bottle carrier at those!), and whatever else I can fit in. It would be nice to get on the podium at least once this year though...