I feel autumn coming...

...and that always makes me a bit sad. I am a summer kind of guy and have no use for cold, dark and rain. Yeah, I can deal with it, but I'd rather not. That said, I always try to make the most of my time on this earth, so I will be plenty busy this fall.

Low-Key Hillclimb Series

Team Bicycle Trip has been using this series for training the last few years. It's a fun way to get in our winter workouts (we train year-round). I remember last year's Jamison Creek hillclimb when we all rode from Santa Cruz to this race above Boulder Creek, raced, then did the same climb two more times. The other riders were in awe! I'll also throw in a few fast group rides, just to keep my pack-skills sharp.


I haven't been surfing much lately, so maybe this fall I will make more time to paddle out. I still do a 15-minute upper-body workout two or three times a week, so my fitness should be good enough even for surfing in bigger swells. Not that I will; I like 4-foot waves the best. My last session of surfing 8-foot waves was exhilarating, but also a bit scary. I go out there to relax and have fun, not for an adrenaline rush.


Yeah, I need to do a few things around the house that I have been putting off forever. Got to be a good husband!


Like usual I will install my lights and ride to and from work in the dark through the winter. My old NiteRider light is pretty beat up though, so it's time to buy something new. I haven't decided yet, but the Ay Up would be a nice headlight (except for the price) paired with a Blackburn Flea taillight. Still debating though; I may get something else. I also need to buy a new PowerTap CPU since my old one's display is illegible, new bike shoes, etc. Oh, and I still haven't replaced my old mountain-bike (that Giant Anthem X3 looks so sweet). It's a shame my money ain't unlimited.

Vacations and holidays

That's the only reason to have winter as far as I'm concerned! I love holidays, especially Thanksgiving. We'll be going to Disneyland in October, then possibly Hawaii in January or February. Maybe New York too. We'll see. I usually rent a bike or find a gym so I can keep my training on track while traveling.

Adios for now!