Year-end overview time!

Many experts seem to agree that having realistic, achievable and measurable goals helps us to progress in whatever area of our lives we choose to focus on. Last Fall I never posted my goals for the 2011 cycling season, but I should've, because they'd make me look successful!

My 2011 season goals could have looked like this:

- Win a race at the velodrome. Done.
- Upgrade to Cat 3 on the track. Done.
- Improve my tactical sense. Done.

Ok, that's after the fact, so not really what the experts would approve of. Had I actually set goals last Fall, I probably would have made one be to win a road race or criterium. Still, I feel good about my 2011 season.

For my 2012 cycling season, I want to:

- Win some more track races: It will be difficult, given I now race against faster guys.
- Improve my power: Unlikely, but maybe getting bigger (muscles, not fat) would help.
- Beat 3 hours in Race Around Lake Tahoe: We were 3:02 this year.
- Help promote a race, probably at Hellyer velodrome.

Let's roll up our sleeves...